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Buttwash, Diaper rash and explosive poo.

  If you ever want to know what being a dad entails, just read the title again. As I'm writing this, my daughter is sitting in her Jumper-roo , watching some creepy mice on the Baby First Channel and making a nice poop for me to clean. I can hear her pushing and occasional farts. uh oh she's hollering at the TV I think or it could be a large nugget that she's pushing out.    Sounds awesome right? My nights aren't full of playing video games anymore. In fact, I'm glad it isn't. Despite all the annoying things that come with being a parent I can honestly say that I can't wait to get home from work and take care of her. She's the only person that truly gets me. I just look at her and she giggles. It makes the long sleepless nights and constant screaming worth it.

Stuff I learned: Wisdom from my mother.

So, throughout these last few posts, I told you things that I learned from my sister and father. Maybe they were things that your dad or sibling have taught you as well. We all have lessons that we have learned the hard way as well and in this post I will let you know some things that my mother had always told me but of course being young and stupid I had to learn the hard way. So I hope that you enjoy this post and feel free to comment below with your thoughts or maybe something your mom taught you! Me fresh out of tech school surprising mom on her bday. Chivalry is not completely dead. So, since I am my moms only son and the youngest she always tried to mold me into a man of all trades. She taught me how to cook because in her words " I don't want my son to starve once your out of the house." Way to plan ahead mom! I still like cooking to this day even though I do not do it as much anymore. She used to tell me that I should always open doors for women, give them