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5 Ways To Make Bedtime Easy

  Bedtime is the most difficult part of the day for most parents. There will always be differences of opinion when it comes to how to get kids to go to bed without a fuss. Let's be real: a vast majority of parents cave to every demand during bedtime. You know how it is. ' I want some water!', 'I gotta go potty!'Etc. How do you win the bedtime battle? Here are my 5 tips that have helped me win..... most nights. Set A Routine:       Kids between the ages of one and four have no real comprehension of time. Use that to your advantage. We set 8pm as bedtime. This means in bed at 8pm. The hour or so leading up to bedtime is part of the routine. Once you set the time, start doing the same things every night leading up to 8pm. This includes weekends. The bottom line is to do the same set of actions every night before bed. This will get the child in the mindset that it's time to go to bed. Keeping the routine isn't always going to happen. If we go out of town we