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Dad Survival Kits: What they don't tell you.

I was doing some research tonight to help me think of how I can use this site to improve the life of dads everywhere. I used a great tool on Google Ads that allows you to look up key words and phrases. What would that do to help me? Well, when you write blogs you have to write not only what interests you but you have to be able to cater a bit to what people actually want to read about. Sure, my stories about life can be pretty funny but how is that helping you? A good laugh is needed from time to time, but I want this blog to be a place people can go and search articles for relevant topics.

    So what keywords did I search? I looked up 'New Dad' and 'Dads'. I was instantly given results of the most searched topics in the Google database that had those words. Of course, Father's Day had the highest rankings since it was related to the words I used but the next highest was ' Dad Survival Kits'. On average, there are 1k-10k searches in google for the to…