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Military Family Month

      November is a month associated with two main holidays. Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Both are traditionally celebrated by most Americans. What most people don't know is that November is also Military Family Month. Military families may not know the resources out there to help with raising a family. and have numerous programs out there. I would encourage you to check those out. I have personally used some of the income tax programs that Military One Source offers every year. It saves a lot of money each year instead of paying a few hundred of your hard earned dollars to have someone else do them for you.      I am so thankful this year for all the blessings that I have in my life. First and foremost I am thankful for our little miracle. My daughter is a gift that my wife and I had been waiting on for a long time. We didn't think we were going to have kids. In fact, we were told that the odds of us having kids were small. Than