Saving Money: Kohl's Military Appreciation Discount


    Trying to save an extra buck or two is the norm for most families. Military families have even more reason to save what they can, where they can. Some companies go out of their way to help ALL military regardless of if that member is Active, Guard or Reserve. Recently, I heard that Kohl's is now offering 15% off purchases made on Mondays in store for active and former military members and their families.  That's a pretty awesome discount if you ask me. However, just how much are you really saving?

         Like most retails stores, Kohl's is in the business of making money and lots of it. If you have never shopped at a Kohl's it is essentially an upscale Target minus the food section and electronics. Like Target, Kohl's generally is more over priced than competitors like Walmart. What do you get with that overpriced shirt? the ability to discount it heavily and still have a customer pay more than average. That is essentially what Kohl's is doing. In order to get you in their store they are offering 15% off based on the assumption that any struggling Military household will jump at the opportunity.
      Don't get me wrong, Kohl's cash and the occasional coupon could make for a wonderful deal but at the expense of spending more money at a previous transaction. To get that Kohl's cash, you must first spend $50 ($48 is the actual amount they will award you with Kohl's Cash) just to get $10 worth of Kohl's Cash. If you are a coupon King/Queen than you will probably be able to save way more than your average shopper if you sign up for all the emails, credit cards, reward programs, etc. Who has the time for all of that?

      I don't believe that clothing has to be expensive and if you want to save money on it you shouldn't have to spend your time clipping coupons. For everyday clothing there is nothing wrong with shopping at second hand stores, Goodwill, Garage Sales, and even Facebook Market place. It's faster, and more fun. Who doesn't enjoy haggling that person down from $5 to $2.50 on a shirt? Don't fall for the discounts given to military members. Especially in clothing stores. Especially for young kids. There is no need for a bunch of brand new stuff for a 4 year old that will out grow it in six months or less.

      I will only promote or endorse deals that are truly good deals and I do not believe the Kohl's discount would serve the family budget well. For us, we will continue the hand me downs and thrift stores.



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