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Dealing With Passive Agressive People.

Dealing with Passive Agressive people can be at the very least annoying if not upsetting. A good definition of people that have this disorder is..  "a devious, diabolical way to convey your anger, disappointment or hurt to someone, without speaking with them about it. In essence, your feelings toward him/her get acted-out instead of talked about, but you may complain to others about your being upset with that person. This can happen within families, when a member 'telegraphs' their feelings about one sibling to another--but doesn't directly address the person who's the source of their discomfort. Verbal passivity usually includes sarcasm, or under the breath comments that come at you in a kind of sideways manner, but feel like undermining, painful jabs/injuries, just the same. Passive-aggressive behavior is very hurtful, and highly destructive to any type of relationship." (Schreiber)

      When a person acts this way it tends to cause everyone to des…

When Being A Dad Isn't The Best Thing Ever.

Talk to any dad and ask them what it's like to be a dad and most will tell you it's the best thing in the world. They may also say, ' I didn't have a purpose in life until I became a dad.' In this post we talk about those moments when being a dad isn't what it's all cracked up to be and how to move out of the shadow of depression and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Dad Groups On Social Media: Toxic or Helpful?

Most well adjusted individuals seek out groups that reflect the same values, experiences or interests. It's an ongoing struggle to find a place where you fit in and sometimes let off some steam. The question is whether or not these groups do more harm than good? Do people legitimately get good information from these groups or is it just a place for bullies and nit wits to gather?  in this post i'll spell out what I have witnessed in the various groups that I'm part of.

Saving Money: Kohl's Military Appreciation Discount

Trying to save an extra buck or two is the norm for most families. Military families have even more reason to save what they can, where they can. Some companies go out of their way to help ALL military regardless of if that member is Active, Guard or Reserve. Recently, I heard that Kohl's is now offering 15% off purchases made on Mondays in store for active and former military members and their families.  That's a pretty awesome discount if you ask me. However, just how much are you really saving?