Gaming Dads: We all need an outlet

           Let's pretend that you work a normal 8 hour shift at 'Enter a company here'. You spend on average 40 minutes per day just commuting to work which adds up to almost 9 hours of your day gone. Add another 6-8 hours of sleeping and that adds up to 15-17 hours of your 24hrs accounted for. Now, you need family time for the remaining time you have left. That leaves you with very little time to unwind. As you deal with work, family, bills, the dog your stress level continues to mount until eventually you snap at your wife for spending $25 on a 'thing' she 'Doesn't need' or you yell at your child for spilling soda on the kitchen floor. You are out of control.


         Everyone needs time to unwind. Both men and women have stressors at every moment in life. Unfortunately, our society tells us that gaming is a waste of time and serve no purpose. Men are seen as lazy if they spend an hour or two a day playing a game. Women are also constantly being told they need to be doing more. Our society is on the go 25/7 367 days a year. We literally frown upon relaxing even though that's what we all want to do. We just want a freaking break! So what is the solution to our problem? GAME NIGHTS!

           We need to get back to playing together as a family. Grab a board game or deck of cards. Grab the neighbors and have them over for a game night. Humans need interaction with other humans. What better way than face to face, playing a game of  'Outburst'. Don't worry if you don't get into  board games. There are plenty of games out there that cater to families that are on PlayStation, Wii, XBOX, and the Switch. There is nothing wrong with gaming. Playing video games alone is fine too in moderation but the point of this post is to encourage family playing. Here are a few of my favorite board games to play with my family.

1. Monopoly
2. Life
3. Sorry

      If digital gaming is more your style I highly recommend playing the following games that are available on almost all video game platforms.

1. Just Dance
2. Mario Kart
3. Minecraft

Get OFF your Phone and Game! Make Memories your kids will always remember.


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