5 Awesome Spring Time Activities For Toddlers

        It's finally here! Spring! That time of the year laden with sporadic sunshine, rain and the occasional April snow storm. spring is one of my most dreaded seasons. Yes, you read that correctly. Why do I dislike it most of the time? Well, because you can literally have three seasons in a 24 hour period. How are we to plan for that? Toddlers have been itching all winter to get outside and play in the dirt but some days that still isn't possible. In this post I explore 5 wonderful activities that anyone can do during this season. The best part is that most of these cost little to no money!

  The Children's Library
             Most towns have a local library and if they are awesome there is usually a section specifically for children. I have never been a guy that would step inside of a library for fun. It just is not what I would normally consider a hoot of a time. Our local Library has a section for kids that includes multiple puzzles, games, Legos and pretend food items. My daughter and I go to the library almost every other week. We spend a Saturday morning playing with the games or Legos and then she gets to pick out a few books to read at night. She loves it. If you want your child to grow up loving to read, take them to the library often and while they are young. They will thank you when they are older. The best part about the library is that unless you are terrible at remembering to turn in books, you can use the facility for free! What a great way to spend a few hours, especially on a rainy spring day.  Some libraries offer summer reading programs and story times for kids during the week. Take advantage of those if you can. They can be a great socializing activity for you and your child.  Check out your local library!
My daughter at the local children's Library.

 The playground at the park 

          I am lucky enough to live four blocks from our local park. This is an obvious choice for various reasons. First, IT's FREE! Second, it burns out the little ones and finally everyone gets some fresh air and exercise. I tend to wait until after dinner to go to the park. This is the part of the year where it is light outside until past 8pm so why not spend the last couple of hours working off dinner and getting that kid tired. My daughter loves running around the park. Our last trip to the park she met a little girl there that was about the same age. They were shy at first but within 5 minutes they were off playing tag, running up and down the slides and having a blast. Mission accomplished. I was able to sit off in the distance and watch while they giggled. Other times we weren't so lucky so I was the one running around. Nothing wrong with that either. We both have a good time. If you can find a park I would put it on your routine. It's fun for both of you.


         I'm literally talking about landscaping. Remember earlier when I said these kids want to play in the dirt. Well, here is their chance while also helping you out. Keep in mind whatever task you set for your kid is going to take 4 times as long as you planned. So, keep the task simple and make a game out of it. One of the best games I play with my daughter and her cousins is pick up the sticks. With the harsh winter tearing up our trees and the high winds of spring storms, there always seems to be a never ending supply of sticks. Line your kids up on one side of the yard. Tell them the goal is to make a pile of sticks and who ever has the biggest pile in 30 minutes wins a prize. Last May I seriously had all our sticks piled in three nice piles ready to pick up in 15 minutes. They were exhausted after that. The next thing I would have my daughter help me with is planting grass seed. It's simple enough. Take a handful of seeds and toss. There are all kinds of things toddlers can help out with around the yard. Make it fun and they will enjoy doing it.


        This one is pretty self explanatory. I get it fellas, you are too macho to do any kind of crafts. It doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of things you can do that are fun, educational and not embarrassing like a scrap book. Some ideas could be, a rocket made from paper towel rolls, a drum set made out of coffee cans, or even pine wood derby cars. Find something that you both will be interested in and go for it. Most pieces of crafting can be had cheap or free. Just get creative.  


        Dancing is a great way to burn calories and have fun. Don't worry if you can't sing or dance it's all about just having fun. I suggest jumping on YouTube and looking up Simple Songs. They have a ton of songs you probably remember from when you were a kid. My daughter loves dance party time. It will get a few laughs out of your kids and anyone else that is watching.

 There you have it. Pretty simple huh? It doesn't take much to entertain your toddler. It really shouldn't take tablets, phones, and video games. We have to admit that most of our kids are happy playing with a stick and mud at this age. If you enjoyed these tips make sure to share this with your friends.


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