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5 Awesome Spring Time Activities For Toddlers

It's finally here! Spring! That time of the year laden with sporadic sunshine, rain and the occasional April snow storm. spring is one of my most dreaded seasons. Yes, you read that correctly. Why do I dislike it most of the time? Well, because you can literally have three seasons in a 24 hour period. How are we to plan for that? Toddlers have been itching all winter to get outside and play in the dirt but some days that still isn't possible. In this post I explore 5 wonderful activities that anyone can do during this season. The best part is that most of these cost little to no money!

Gaming Dads: We all need an outlet

Let's pretend that you work a normal 8 hour shift at 'Enter a company here'. You spend on average 40 minutes per day just commuting to work which adds up to almost 9 hours of your day gone. Add another 6-8 hours of sleeping and that adds up to 15-17 hours of your 24hrs accounted for. Now, you need family time for the remaining time you have left. That leaves you with very little time to unwind. As you deal with work, family, bills, the dog your stress level continues to mount until eventually you snap at your wife for spending $25 on a 'thing' she 'Doesn't need' or you yell at your child for spilling soda on the kitchen floor. You are out of control.