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Being The Cool Dad

Most men that are about to become fathers see themselves as possibly being the 'cool' dad. You know what I'm saying? I've only been a dad for about five months now so I think I'm still in the stage of trying to figure out if I should permanently give up on ever playing another video game. I mean I barely have the time to do a blog post let alone spend hours on end playing a game. I want to stay relevant in my old world (pre-baby) but I'm feeling myself get drawn into dad world.

Blogging On a Plane

This is probably the most uncomfortable position to be in on a flight. I normally can't sleep on a plane because of the engine noise, limited space, and generally an over all feeling that someone is going to throw in-flight snacks into my open mouth. The narrow armrests dig into your elbows if you're lucky enough to use them. If you are in the middle seat you can for get about it. Constantly playing shuffle elbow with the passenger to your left and right, each one trying to vie for a slice of armrest real estate. I actually feel like a T-Rex trying to type right now. My hands and wrists are bent in a way that causes me to keyboard peck.

   That is the sacrifice you have to make when you want to put out a blog post while you are mid flight from a work trip. I've never understood why Airlines have become the epitome of stingy. For example, on my last trip to Florida, the airline started their normal beverage services. When they got to me I requested a coca cola. The f…