The 168 Hour Work Week

      Most of us want the '4 Hour Work Week' life but reality is, most people don't have that luxury. We all grind 40-60 hours a week to bring home a meager paycheck. We fuss and complain about not getting enough money, lack of benefits, hostile work environments and temper mental bosses. Why can't we seem to get a break?!

When my wife and I embarked on this journey, we talked about the possibility of her not going back to work once the baby was born. I felt we could manage pretty well with just my income. Where she had been working she would have literally made enough to cover day care. Who wants to work and only make enough to cover the cost of child care? That doesn't make fiscal sense. So, it was settled. She would stay at home with the baby while I did the manly thing and went to work.

      My first day back to work was long. I missed being able to cuddle with my new shiny baby girl while chilling out on the recliner. I was jealous of my wife. Here she gets to hang out at home and watch TV, pet the dog and swaddle the baby. As time has gone by, I'm realizing that she is probably more jealous of me. No matter how stressful work can be, it's never as stressful as a 2 month old screaming non stop for no legit reason. Remember that temper mental boss I talked about earlier? Well, my wife has the most demanding boss EVER. 24 hours a day! Imagine the worst case scenario at work and multiply that by make that 1000 fold. She gets zero pay and works in a very hostile work environment ( Usually only when she doesn't get the baby's bottle fast enough.)

     Just today I was telling a coworker that I get more sleep on the weekdays than I do on the weekends. Why is that? Because my wife not only watches the baby while I'm at work, but when I'm sleeping. She is literally on 24 hour watch, 7 days a week. Stay at home moms have to be resourceful, patient, frugal, mentally strong, a quick thinker, and organized, just to list a few attributes.

  Now, imagine for a moment that everything I just said was reversed. That my wife worked full time and I was a stay at home dad. What preconceived notions come to your mind? Think about that for a second. A man whose wife brings home the bacon and he stays behind to watch the kids. Is he less than a man? Is he a bum? Lazy maybe? Or maybe he can't hold down a job. What came to your mind first? I will venture to say that a majority of the men that are stay at home dads contribute to the family funds in other ways. They run small businesses from their homes in between diaper changes. They become PR consultants, Social media marketers, Bloggers, Web Designers, etc. Just like stay at home moms, stay at home dads also pull 168 hour work weeks, but with even less recognition. So, here's to the Stay at home moms and dads. Your work is important and to be honest, I don't envy you.




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