Sharing Movies With Your Children

    The other night, nostalgia crept its way into my head. I was surfing Amazon Prime to look for something to watch. Nothing looked particularly interesting as I was scrolling through the different movie titles. If any of you have Amazon Prime I'm sure you can relate to my struggle. Finding something decent to watch for free on Prime can be difficult. Movies that are over thirty years old, that you would think should be free to watch, actually cost the same as some of the new release movies. It makes no sense. Anyway, I digress.

       So, I was surfing through the available titles and came across one of my favorite movies when I was growing up. 'Space Jam'. Some of you may not know what this movie is about. Well, I'll give you a quick synopsis. Small aliens that work for a theme park in space are looking for a new attraction. They feel the Loony Toons can boost sales, so they set out to kidnap them and force them to perform at the theme park. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and crew challenge them to a basketball game, thinking these small aliens have no chance at winning. little did they know, these aliens steal the skill of a few famous basketball players and in a last ditch effort the Loony Toons convince Michael Jordan to play on their team.
       I love these silly movies. Looking back at them now the graphics sucked, the plots were sometimes stupid, but the way they made you feel are unforgettable. Most had great life lessons like, never give up, stay the course, or you can do anything you set your mind to. These are the type of movies I want my daughter to grow up watching. Movies like 'Space Jam', 'Old Yeller', ' Little Rascals', etc. Movies that inspire and encourage imagination. To my surprise while surfing the internet I found that 'Space Jam 2' may be in production, this time featuring LeBron James. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

       What movies did you grow up with that you would want to share with your kids?



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