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The 168 Hour Work Week

Most of us want the '4 Hour Work Week' life but reality is, most people don't have that luxury. We all grind 40-60 hours a week to bring home a meager paycheck. We fuss and complain about not getting enough money, lack of benefits, hostile work environments and temper mental bosses. Why can't we seem to get a break?!

When my wife and I embarked on this journey, we talked about the possibility of her not going back to work once the baby was born. I felt we could manage pretty well with just my income. Where she had been working she would have literally made enough to cover day care. Who wants to work and only make enough to cover the cost of child care? That doesn't make fiscal sense. So, it was settled. She would stay at home with the baby while I did the manly thing and went to work.

      My first day back to work was long. I missed being able to cuddle with my new shiny baby girl while chilling out on the recliner. I was jealous of my wife. Here she gets…

Sharing Movies With Your Children

The other night, nostalgia crept its way into my head. I was surfing Amazon Prime to look for something to watch. Nothing looked particularly interesting as I was scrolling through the different movie titles. If any of you have Amazon Prime I'm sure you can relate to my struggle. Finding something decent to watch for free on Prime can be difficult. Movies that are over thirty years old, that you would think should be free to watch, actually cost the same as some of the new release movies. It makes no sense. Anyway, I digress.