My Little Monster

  The first few weeks of my daughters life have gone by fast. It is so hard to believe how much everything has changed in that short time. Literally, everything revolves around her, I just have to make sure she doesn't realize that when she gets older. It will ruin my 'The whole world doesn't revolve around you' argument.

     In case you have been wondering, yes, I have experienced my first blow out diaper. I have also been terrorized by the rouge pee stream while in the process of changing her diaper. Not only did it get my whole arm, it got all over the fresh diaper and the changing mat. Which leads to a tip that I just have to share. Warm baby wipes are great for soothing my child when cleaning her hind quarters, but they have an evil side to them. They have the same effect as getting into a slightly warm pool. Something about it just makes you want to pee. So, I will have to say use the warm wipes at your own risk.

    I will admit, I have learned a lot in these last few weeks. I went from not knowing which way the diaper was supposed to go, to being able to do a complete change in less than 5 minutes. Fellas, just remember that pretty much every one expects you to fail in the very beginning. The sooner you realize that, the better. Having a kid is already stressful, worrying about what others are thinking will only make you stress more. There is a general consensus among the population that Dads are dim wits and only moms know what to do in the very beginning. The truth of the matter is, both mom and dad will both learn how to care for their child at the same time.

   My wife had no clue about breast feeding or pumping and that's ok. I wouldn't have expected her to know what to do. It's isn't as cut and dry as most people think. Learning how to be parents together is a great experience for me and my wife. We work as a team and teach each other as we go. The only one that hasn't been having as much fun as us is Rocky. I think he is jealous that he isn't the lone baby anymore. Right now, he is literally laying on the sofa, starring at my wife while she is feeding the baby. He secretly wishes he can latch on to the other boob.



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