3am Feedings and 3:45am Diapers

  It's currently 5:45 in the morning and I'm sitting next to a rustling baby. The rumbles of a morning thunderstorm resounds throughout the house, as well as Khali's rumbling tummy, with the occasional toot. As she sleeps so peacefully, I'm typing away wondering why I can't just fall asleep. I was tired when I went to bed last night. Ok, I never REALLY went to bed last night. At least I don't count 45 minutes of sleep 'going to bed'.

   Last night ended pretty good, Mandi and I played Uno for an hour or so while Khali slept (First Mistake). We knew that her bottle time was approaching, so instead of going to bed like smart people, we stayed up long enough to get through her next feeding (Second Mistake). She's a slow eater like her mom, so it took about 40 minutes for her to suck down 4 ounces of formula. It's normal for Khali to get a little fussy right after eating. We attribute that to just being gassy so we gave her some baby gas drops and got her wrapped up in her swaddle.

  Lullaby's were floating in the air while Mandi tried to get Khali to fall asleep and it worked. She fell asleep like a peaceful little angel. We got comfortable and I started to drift off to sleep. Rocky ( Our Pit bull) was sleeping between us with his gigantic noggin buried in my armpit. He was asleep faster than any of us. I guess being a big brother is hard work. Everything was looking good for a nice nights sleep. Then the unthinkable......WHAAAAA! WHAAA! WHA! WHA! WHAAA!

UGH!! NOOOOOOOO I was just starting to fade away into a good dream! I heard Mandi talking to Khali so I tried to fall back asleep, but the crying just wouldn't allow for that to happen. GREAT!
Now, for whatever reason Khali loves cuddling with me. No matter what is happening in the world, I just have to lay her on my chest and she purrs and passes out. So, I got up and took Khali into the living room. I didn't think it would be fair for BOTH of us to not get any sleep so I figured I'd take the night watch.

    We made our way to the recliner and got comfy. I placed her on my chest but in a way that she could still look at me if she wanted. She inch wormed her way up my chest and buried her head under my chin. I felt like I was the bees knees  in her eyes. It was a moment. Daddy Daughter time. For a split second I didn't care that it was 2:45am. It took her about ten minutes to pass out on my chest. I made every maneuver to get her back to her crib thingy deliberate. I tried to not wake her up and slowly placed her down.

  I was able to creep my way back into bed after pushing Rocky to the middle of the bed. He takes any opportunity to take my spot on the bed. I set my glasses on the night stand and got as comfortable as I could. Next thing I know, Khali is crying again. UGH!!!! Not again! Mandi woke up and tried to console her but it wasn't working. I figured she was probably hungry since she eats every 2-3 hours and the last time she ate was around midnight. Sure enough she was hungry and downed another 3 ounces. I burped her, checked her diaper, and laid her in the little sleeper basket. She passes out and i'm not tired anymore......So, here I am. Writing a post.


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