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3am Feedings and 3:45am Diapers

It's currently 5:45 in the morning and I'm sitting next to a rustling baby. The rumbles of a morning thunderstorm resounds throughout the house, as well as Khali's rumbling tummy, with the occasional toot. As she sleeps so peacefully, I'm typing away wondering why I can't just fall asleep. I was tired when I went to bed last night. Ok, I never REALLY went to bed last night. At least I don't count 45 minutes of sleep 'going to bed'.

My Little Monster

The first few weeks of my daughters life have gone by fast. It is so hard to believe how much everything has changed in that short time. Literally, everything revolves around her, I just have to make sure she doesn't realize that when she gets older. It will ruin my 'The whole world doesn't revolve around you' argument.

Honoring Fathers

This fathers day is a special one for me because I can call myself a father finally. For some the term father means nothing. Either because they never knew their father or if they did he was abusive in some form or fashion. Being a father doesn't necessarily mean biological. It can be a man that mentored you like a father does or supports you like a father should.

   I have been fortunate to have my father in my life. He has been a role model to me throughout my whole life. I only hope that I can be such an influence in my daughters life like my Father was to me.
I wrote a post a few years ago that talked about things that my father taught me. I'd like to revisit that post here today because a lot of the things I mention in it goes right along with Fathers Day. Here are a few things my father taught me over the years.
Its Ok To Cry

I think this is one of the most important lessons that my dad taught me. I had never seen him cry before until his brother passed away. I had …

She's Here

My life has changed forever. On May 28th 2015 at 7:36am, my Daughter Khaleesi (Khali for short) came into this world. The past week I have been trying to write a few posts but I just couldn't find the time to sit down and actually write coherent sentences. It's funny how instantly busy you become once you have a child invade your life. Today has actually been the least eventful one so far.