Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash Review

   As part of this blog I set out to do REAL reviews on items that would be great for Dads to use. In this case I reached out to The Honest Company to get some products to do a quick review on. This particular one was on their Shampoo and Body Wash. Before I wrote a review I wanted to use it for a week before I said anything about it. So....are you curious as to how I liked it?

The Honest Company
  The Honest Company prides itself on creating great products that are made with natural ingredients and nothing harmful for humans and the environment. My first impressions of this body wash were hopeful when I saw the packaging. It was simple and elegant....which for most dads, isn't a big deal to us. I took the bottle with me in the shower every day for the past week. When I opened the bottle I immediately smelled the fragrance of the sweet orange vanilla. It reminded me of crème sickles that I used to buy from the Ice Cream truck as a kid. I was worried that I would smell like this being a guy but figured for a child it would smell awesome. I poured about a table spoon on my shower puff thing and started to lather it up. It didn't have that chemical smell or feel to it as I created a nice lather. It surprisingly lathered up pretty quickly and it was thick. I continued to wash up with it and rinsed it off.

   I repeated this process every day and noticed my skin felt cleaner and better than when I had been using other body washes. I think what I liked the most was not feeling like I needed to rinse off for 45 minutes to get that soapy feeling off. On the bottle it claims that the body wash is tear free....so of course I had to try it out. If I was going to use this on my child I wanted to make sure it was safe to where if it did get into the baby's eye it wouldn't cause any adverse reactions. As I washed my hair with it I let some of it get into my eyes. Did it burn my eyes? NOPE! nothing. It literally felt like I got water in my eye. I blinked a lot and washed it out with warm water. My eyes were not red or anything afterward.

  Overall, I really liked this product. It gave me a clean smell that wasn't over powering at all. In fact, if you like to wear cologne or perfume, this would be a great body wash for mom or dad to use. The Orange smell doesn't last much past the rinsing. What you are left with is a nice clean neutral smell. So now I won't have conflicting fragrances when I but on some manly cologne.

As A disclaimer I did receive this product for free from The Honest Company for the purpose of doing a review. I am a part of an affiliate program with them, but this affiliation in no way influences my thoughts on their products. If they aren't good, I wouldn't say they were.


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