Go Juice: Black Rifle Coffee Company Review

 I'm sure a majority of you have your special brand of coffee that you go to for an extra kick of energy. I was always a Dunkin Donut guy and anything else that I've tried wasn't as good. Coffee is my life blood during the week and with out it I become a nasty, snarling, individual. I can see the need of coffee becoming even greater with this child coming into my life. Just because I didn't get any sleep doesn't mean I can't go to work. I still have to be able to perform my duties.

           It was kind of weird how I came to learn about Black Rifle Coffee Company. I was surfing Facebook one day and saw this video that looked pretty funny. So, I clicked on it and it had some hipster looking guy talking about wearing skinny jeans and how he loves the Pacific Northwest. Then at the very end he talks about never wanting to touch a gun. it was actually pretty funny.

        So I typed in their website and saw what they had to offer. Some of the titles of their coffee made me literally laugh out loud. One was called 'Silencer Smooth'. After surfing their site for a while I decided to find out what it cost.....HOLY BUCKET OF BALLS!!! For a 12 OZ bag of Ground coffee it ran me about $15.99 with $5.54  shipping. I immediately clicked off the website and told my self it was too expensive. They do offer bulk orders which makes it cheaper but I didn't know if I'd even like the coffee. A few weeks later I saw they were advertising a new blend. It was to be their darkest roast called 'Murdered Out'. I about crapped my pants from laughing so hard. Some of these names are just hilarious. I went back to their site and started reading more about them. they are a veteran owned and operated coffee company and a percentage of their sales go to helping out veterans. sounded awesome to me. So I contemplated for another few days. What got me to order was the terrible coffee that was made at my job. Who ever made it must be a tea drinker because it literally tasted like old stale water with a sprinkle of coffee grounds. It was utterly disgusting. When I got home that day I logged into the Black Rifle Coffee Company website and ordered one 12oz bag of 'Murdered Out' Dark blend. I paid for regular shipping and it took about 4 or 5 days to get to me. It was packaged well and upon opening it I could immediately smell the coffee. It smelled terrific. I could not wait to bring it in to work and throw some of it in the coffee maker. I made sure to follow the directions on the bag and made a nice 8oz cup of Joe. I was a little nervous at how dark it was. Usually with dark blend coffee I can still see through it a little. Not this stuff. It was dark as a winter night with 100% cloud cover and in the middle of nowhere. The smell permeated throughout the office. I didn't want to ruin it by putting sugar or cream in it on my initial taste so I sipped it straight. That first sip had me addicted. These guys hit the nail on the head with this blend and I swear if it wasn't for the fact that I knew it was regular coffee I would have thought they had laced it with some cocaine because I was thinking about enjoying a second cup with only two sips in on my first. If you enjoy coffee and want to support a veteran owned and operated company I would highly suggest getting some of their coffee. It will change your life.

**Disclaimer: I am not receiving any endorsements or being paid for this review. I purely ordered some coffee and thought it was so good I would write something about it.**


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