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Hospital Drills

Week 34 of our pregnancy started off a little different than we expected. Our little trooper decided that she wanted to test readiness. This particular day, my wife and I were talking about hospital bags and getting the car seat installed in the car.   We have been trying to get things ready for the baby’s arrival for the last few months and we told ourselves that at week 32 we would have our hospital bags packed and the car seat installed. It didn’t quite happen that way which was totally my fault. I figured we would have some time and I could let it slide a few weeks. This particular night I had gotten home from work and for some reason I had this urge to want to install the car seat. It might have been because my wife had been complaining of some Braxton hicks contractions. She’s been having those for a couple weeks and I figured it was just another episode. Just in case I decided to install the car seat. A couple hours went by and she was still complaining about the contractions …

Go Juice: Black Rifle Coffee Company Review

I'm sure a majority of you have your special brand of coffee that you go to for an extra kick of energy. I was always a Dunkin Donut guy and anything else that I've tried wasn't as good. Coffee is my life blood during the week and with out it I become a nasty, snarling, individual. I can see the need of coffee becoming even greater with this child coming into my life. Just because I didn't get any sleep doesn't mean I can't go to work. I still have to be able to perform my duties.

           It was kind of weird how I came to learn about Black Rifle Coffee Company. I was surfing Facebook one day and saw this video that looked pretty funny. So, I clicked on it and it had some hipster looking guy talking about wearing skinny jeans and how he loves the Pacific Northwest. Then at the very end he talks about never wanting to touch a gun. it was actually pretty funny.

        So I typed in their web…

Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash Review

As part of this blog I set out to do REAL reviews on items that would be great for Dads to use. In this case I reached out to The Honest Company to get some products to do a quick review on. This particular one was on their Shampoo and Body Wash. Before I wrote a review I wanted to use it for a week before I said anything about it. So....are you curious as to how I liked it?

Happy 67th Birthday Air Force Reserve!!

The Air Force Reserve started April 14th, 1948 by the order of President Harry S. Truman. It was initially meant to be a 'Stand By' force to augment the Active Air Force in times of need. That mission soon changed and evolved into what the Air Reserve is today.

April Fools!

I grew up in a house full of pranksters which made April Fools Day a special time in our family. I remember one time my mom made fake poo and left it on the floor. At the time I had a small jack Russell Terrier and naturally I blamed him for taking a deuce on the floor. We used to play pranks on each other all the time. I miss those days. Today wasn't the joke filled day that I was so accustomed to but it was funny to see some of the jokes that were flowing on Facebook. The ones that bothered me the most were posts about being pregnant when they actually weren't. I never understood where this April Fools staple of fake pregnancy announcements came into fruition.