Our Love Story

   I wanted to take a moment to wish my beautiful wife a happy 4 year anniversary. Today March 28th marks 4 years of being tied at the hip. Our story isn't a typical love story and as a disclaimer I must say that not all relationships turn out the way ours has. So, with that here is our story......


    It all started by chance, I was stationed in Oregon and decided to take some college courses through Kaplan University to finish my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I was the typical 25 year old male with nothing better to do than hit on girls, play video games, and hang out with my dog Rocky. I posted a comment in the student chat board that if any ladies wanted to friend me on facebook they were more than welcome....well, something to that extent. A young lady, adamant on calling me out contacted me and we actually became friends. We talked all the time on facebook, phone calls and texts. I didn't exactly expect anything to come out of my comment. Just me being dumb.

Our First Date
    After the semester was done we continued to talk, she was seeing someone at the time and we kept it at the friend level. Little did I know, she was contemplating breaking up with her boyfriend long before we started talking. I listened to every thing she said and tried to offer an ear for her to vent. In July of 2010, I left Oregon to take a course in Phoenix, AZ to further my Military career. While I was there we continued to talk about everything and anything. I was so excited to be done with class for the day so I could talk to her. A few weeks went by and I noticed her relationship status had changed to single....'BINGO'! That was my queue to scoop her off her feet. Ha-Ha just kidding. I was concerned about her as a friend and reached out to see if she was ok.

    As we talked over the weeks, I offered to fly her out to Arizona for a week or two so she could get away from the drama back home in Pennsylvania. It was nothing more than a chance for her to chill out and at the same time get to meet each other in person. A few days later I was picking her up at the airport. On the way to get her from the airport, thoughts started rolling through my head. 'What if she doesn't like me after meeting me?', 'What if she's one of those 'Catfish' people and she tricked me into thinking she was someone she was not?' A thousand scenarios played out in my head on the 15 minute drive. I got to her gate and just waited, my eyes were going crazy, scanning the group of people disembarking the plane. Then finally, she walked out. ' OMG, this girl is gorgeous!' that was the first thought that came to mind. I naturally played it cool and gave her a big hug and offered to carry her luggage to the car. Surprisingly, the car ride back to Luke AFB wasn't awkward at all. It was as if we were long lost friends reuniting after years of being away. We chatted up everything from her trip to how stinking hot it was outside.

    She stayed with me for a couple weeks and over that time I couldn't help but start falling for her. I couldn't let her know that of course. I didn't want to get my hopes up knowing that she would go back to PA and I to Oregon. So, I struggled when it was time for her to board the plane to go back. We talked over the next few weeks, and finally she broke down and told me she loved me. Naturally, already knowing how I was feeling I shot back ' I love you too'.

Our Prego Announcement

   Now, here is the dilemma, how is this long distance going to work for us? Solution? Obviously it was for her to move out to Oregon with me. She had nothing holding her down in PA and it just made sense to us. Our parents weren't too happy about the decision though. We didn't care. I knew that she was going to be the one. We had too much in common and I just knew. It's a little cliché but I knew in my heart that I was going to marry her. A few weeks went by and in October of 2010 she drove the 2800 miles in her little ford focus from PA to Oregon. All she had was clothes and a few other items with her. Every few hours I called her to check up on her and to see where she was at. I kept track of her progress and tried to help keep her awake on that long drive. When she told me she was in town I about fell over. I couldn't believe this was happening. This woman left EVERYTHING she had ever known and made the decision to move in with me. Seeing that little green Ford making it's way up the road was the most exciting moment of my life up to that point.

  I helped her with her belongings and got her settled in for the night. She didn't last too long though. I think she pretty much passed out an hour or so after getting there. The next day I had her come with me to pick up Rocky from the place he had been staying for the last 4 months while I was in Phoenix. They met and Rocky sniffed every inch of her legs and I told him she was part of the family now.

  As the months went by, we fell deeper and deeper in love with each other. We were so cute together that it probably made our friends sick lol. That December we decided to fly back east to visit our families for the holidays. We went to her parents first and they finally got to meet the guy that had convinced their daughter to move across the country. It was a little awkward for me at first. Here I was surrounded by her family and being introduced to her friends. While she was preoccupied I asked her Mom, dad, and brother for permission to marry her. They said yes and next thing you know her mom is bringing out a small jewelry box. Inside was Mandi's grandmothers ring. I tucked it away in a safe place and waited. Being the type of person she is she told me that she didn't want me to ask her in front of a ton of people. So, I didn't. A day or two later, while we were in my parents house and everyone was asleep but us, I walked up to her and got down and asked her to marry me....I'm sure you don't have to guess what happened. lol.

    Over the last four years, we have grown together, struggled with health issues, financial tribulations, and the biggest struggle was finally becoming parents. We have been through a lot of difficult times in the short time we have been married but never have we loved one another any less.
So, with that, here is to us baby and I pray that we have many many more years to come.



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