Is it worth getting the 3D/4D Ultra Sound?

There seems to be a lot of pressure from all angles for new parents to get additional services during the pregnancy. My wife wanted to get a personal baby heart beat monitor so she could hear the baby's heart when ever she wanted. It's a cool gadget but honestly how often would it get used? Being that this is our first child we were looking into paying for a 3D/4D ultrasound. It isn't covered by insurance so whatever the cost is, it would come out of our own pockets. Like most new families, every opportunity to see your baby grow is an exciting option. So, we went ahead and paid to have this done

. For those that don't know, a 3D/4D ultrasound is literally a 3D picture of your baby. It's much easier to make out the baby's features and you don't need to look at the picture cross eyed to make out what's what. The 4D portion is a short 20-30 second video clip of what your baby is doing in the womb, in real time. The process is pretty easy. We checked in at the front desk and about 10 minutes later we were called to the back. If you are lucky your little trooper will already be in a picture perfect pose. If not, then it may take a little longer to get the shots you want. We were there for about 45 minutes in total. Our little girl decided to be difficult after we got a few good pictures. After that, she decided enough was enough and kept putting her hands up to cover her face. It was almost like she was a movie star and the paparazzi was taking an excessive amount of pictures. At one point, she started moving her lips and sticking her tongue out and it made us laugh...unfortunately, the laughing caused her to squirm around even more making it difficult to get a good picture. So, to answer the question. Was it worth it. ABSOLUTELY! Over the last 30 weeks it didn't feel all that real. I didn't have to deal with difficulty breathing, or sleepless nights. So the only experience I got, was seeing my wife's belly grow and feeling horrible because she was uncomfortable and there really wasn't anything I could do to make her feel better (well with the exception of getting Dairy Queen blizzards.) It didn't hit home until I got to see her little nose and cheeks. I'm about to be a dad REAL soon and this was proof that my new baby was almost done with basic training and getting ready to storm the beach of life outside the womb. I would encourage every new parent to save up a few extra bucks over the course of the first two trimesters and get the 3D/4D Ultrasound. It's something you'll cherish forever and it will be a cool thing to show them when they are older.
    If this is something you really want to do, be sure to contact your local hospital and see if they offer this service. Do NOT go to a strip mall place or anywhere that is not licensed by medical boards. Some places offer this service but they are not regulated in any way. Check with your OBGYN for referrals.


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