3 Reasons why it's good to have guy time

  Fellas, when was the last time you were able to spend time with friends doing guy stuff? A week? Three weeks? A few months? Having time to get away from the cave is important and healthy. I'm not promoting weekend booze binge fests or any other kind of questionable activities. What I'm talking about is playing a few rounds of golf or going fishing. Basically, anything that is relaxing to you. If you are like me and are about to have a child come into this world or you already have a few kids, you understand why its important to have a day or two every few weeks to unwind.

Reason 1:  We get tired of doing what everyone else wants us to do.

   Every minute of the day, we have someone telling us what we have to do. While we are at work we have to answer to our boss and do everything we possibly can in those 8-10 hours. When we get home we then have to do everything our second boss (Our wives/girlfriends) tell us to do. For those of us with kids, it just adds that many more layers of to do items. In some cases we may have an hour or so collectively throughout the day where we are not being told what to do (Which usually takes place in the bathroom).

   Having a full day of doing what you want gives us time to collect our thoughts and re-energize mentally.

Reason 2: Having social interactions with others.

   In my personal world, my social interactions happen mainly at work. I can honestly say I have one friend that I hang out with (in Iowa) who doesn't work with me. I tend to hang out with co-workers outside of work because I find it strengthens the team mentality. Plus, they go through the same things I do on a daily basis so we can relate better. Sure, I can talk to my wife but sometimes she doesn't understand 'guy' stuff. Just like I don't understand some of the things she thinks. Having another guy you can talk to and vent to is important.

Reason 3: Getting out of the rut.

   I'll admit, my wife and I are home bodies. We rarely go out. There are times however when I feel like all I do is go to work, come home, sleep, and do it over again. It's like being a robot, doing the same things, day after day with nothing to break up the rut. Having kids is probably not going to change that at all, but when the opportunity comes to get out of the house DO IT! Life isn't meant for us to just exist. I remind my wife sometimes that it's ok to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Take that $80 and do something for yourself. Staring at the four walls isn't enjoying life, spending time with others is where the real treasure is.

  **Insider Tip from a dude**

Ladies, I wanted to take this moment to let you in on a secret that you may not know. You may have read or heard the quote "No Man Is an Island", a famous line by the English poet John Donne. Well It isn't entirely true. We DO like our alone time. Men have this ability to totally shut him self away even in a group of friends. He looks like he's totally involved with whatever is going on but in reality he is in his own little world and the people around him just so happen to be there too. This also explains why he can be listening to you and still say 'Huh?' after you're done talking. When you started talking he was probably already on his mental island.

The important thing to get out of this article is that regardless of being a man or a woman, having time to spend with friends is vital. Having kids makes that tougher but all the more important. Men, offer to watch the kids so your wife can have a day to pamper herself or hang out with the girls. Like I said it goes both ways. Oh and one last very important lesson I learned today...If you make your pregnant wife upset because you stayed out a little too long with your friends, buy her a large Dairy Queen blizzard and apologize for being late. She might still be annoyed with you but the ice cream will put a smile on her face.

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