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Our Love Story

I wanted to take a moment to wish my beautiful wife a happy 4 year anniversary. Today March 28th marks 4 years of being tied at the hip. Our story isn't a typical love story and as a disclaimer I must say that not all relationships turn out the way ours has. So, with that here is our story......

Is it worth getting the 3D/4D Ultra Sound?

There seems to be a lot of pressure from all angles for new parents to get additional services during the pregnancy. My wife wanted to get a personal baby heart beat monitor so she could hear the baby's heart when ever she wanted. It's a cool gadget but honestly how often would it get used? Being that this is our first child we were looking into paying for a 3D/4D ultrasound. It isn't covered by insurance so whatever the cost is, it would come out of our own pockets. Like most new families, every opportunity to see your baby grow is an exciting option. So, we went ahead and paid to have this done

3 Reasons why it's good to have guy time

Fellas, when was the last time you were able to spend time with friends doing guy stuff? A week? Three weeks? A few months? Having time to get away from the cave is important and healthy. I'm not promoting weekend booze binge fests or any other kind of questionable activities. What I'm talking about is playing a few rounds of golf or going fishing. Basically, anything that is relaxing to you. If you are like me and are about to have a child come into this world or you already have a few kids, you understand why its important to have a day or two every few weeks to unwind.

Reason 1:  We get tired of doing what everyone else wants us to do.

   Every minute of the day, we have someone telling us what we have to do. While we are at work we have to answer to our boss and do everything we possibly can in those 8-10 hours. When we get home we then have to do everything our second boss (Our wives/girlfriends) tell us to do. For those of us with kids, it just adds that many more la…

Military to Civilian Transition.

This Article is from the desk of Jennifer Pilcher click Here to see the original Article.  This posting has been approved by the author. There is one guarantee about getting into the military, eventually you will have to get out.  Whether you are retiring, choosing to start a new career, or forced out due to sequestration, transition at some point is inevitable.
As you know, finding a job is a lot of hard work.  However, we can help relieve some of your stress.
Here are 5 steps to complete your battle plan for your transition.

The Go Bag aka Hospital bag.

Week 30 is upon us this Wednesday and we are approaching the point of no return. The Nursery is pretty much finished with the exception of a few minor things and now we are just waiting to get everything organized once the baby shower is done. At the 30th week I would venture to say that it might be time to think about the Go Bag. The Go Bag is different from the Ruck Sack in that the go bag is meant exclusively for the Hospital trip.

Baby Tech Gear For Gadget Nerds

Another drill weekend is in the books. I'm so glad it is over. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing people that I haven't seen all month long, but as a full time guardsmen I tend to get exhausted by the end of the weekend. Working 12 days straight is no fun. During the weekend I was talking to one of the Senior NCOS about the baby shower that her and some of the other troops in our unit are planning for us. The subject of baby monitors came up and it sparked an idea for a new post.

Mustache March: Origins

March is full of fun events. The two that probably come to mind for most people are St. Patrick's Day and of course NCAA March Madness. There is one tradition that has recently become a huge trend. It's something most men take for granted, but for the small percent that are in the military it means an opportunity to express our manliness. Mustache March! I'm sure a lot of people are aware of this wonderful time of the year, but not many know why it started or who started it.

Are Dogs Really Like Kids?

Last night started off like every other Sunday night. The newest episode of 'The Walking Dead' was on and like normal, I was watching it. Being that it was Sunday night I started getting ready for bed a little earlier than normal. As I got up from the recliner, my 5 year old Pit Bull 'Rocky' started crying. Usually, his crying means one of three things, he's either hungry, tired, or ready to take a poop (Hmmm kind of like a new born....right?).

Knowing is half the battle.

I honestly think I have more knowledge of quantum physics than I do of how to take care of a kid. I’ve always been the sort of person that can just tinker with something until I figure it out. By doing that I tend to know more about that subject than if I had just read the directions. Unfortunately, there is no ‘How To’ guide for taking care of a kid. I sure as hell can’t tinker with a baby to find out why they do what they do. The best chance we have at not royally screwing something up is by reading everything there is that relates to babies.