The Ruck Sack

You wouldn't want to go into battle with sub-par equipment right? So why should military dads have to suffer with large diaper bags that get in the way? A lot of the ones I've seen are huge! Who has time to dig through a jungle of unorganized junk while the little one is in desperate need of a diaper change?

Granted I have not been through "the suck" just yet but I can only imagine the stress in the midst of chaos. I for one will not subject myself to those floral print, bright pink or frilly diaper bags. I'm a man dag nab it! I not only want to look like a bad mother trucker but I want to have the tactical advantage as well. I expressed my disgust of the diaper bags some men are forced to use to my wife. She was more than willing to find me something a little more suitable to my profession and my needs as a man. That's when she purchased for me what I call "TDB" or Tactical Diaper Bag. This bag has a ton of pockets for everything from pens and pencils to a quick draw bottle holder. The convenient thing about this bag is it's messenger bag style. Instead of having a backpack or tote bag design I can have quick action items like burp rags, snacks, cell phones, and even a quick protein bar for myself ready to go. All while not having to slow down or stop to take off a backpack and get the items I need (Which more than likely would be at the very bottom of the giant tote bags) The variants of combat load outs are as numerous as there are brands of diapers. It's really all about YOU and how you intend on loading out.

Back of bag
I for one will use this for quick excursions to the mall or any other place where I don't intend on staying for longer than a couple hours. If you plan on being somewhere for an over night stay this probably wouldn't be the best option as then you would need multiple items that you wouldn't necessarily need for a quick outing. This bag is large enough to hold the following standard load out. 3xPens, 1x note pad, 2x bottles (two milks or 1 milk 1 baby powder.), 10-15 Diapers, 1pk of 50 Baby wipes, 1xChanging pad, 2-3 outfits, snacks, 1x Cell phone w Charger. The amount of items it can hold really depends on what you need it for. The load out  I described should be good for the standard missions. 


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