The Name Game

       Naming your child is supposed to be a special occasion. Especially, when it is your first. Names hold a lot of power in them and choosing the best one is probably one of the most difficult things to do. No one wants to grow up with a name that was half thought out. If it's not the first name you struggle with, the middle name may be where the REAL Challenge lies. For us, we decided long before we even knew we were pregnant that whatever name we chose it would be our secret until after the baby was born and it was on the birth certificate. It's already hard enough trying to come up with names you like and won't scar the poor child for their entire life.

   Family members that add their two cents doesn't make matters any better either. I've heard of parents that caught a lot of grief because they didn't name their child after a grandparent or because the name was not a common boring name. There comes a point when you have to put on the noise canceling head phones in a sense and do your own thing. Like I mentioned before, my wife and I sat and discussed names for a long time before settling on one for a boy or girl. It really makes things easier once you find out your having a kid. Once you find out the sex of the baby, you have a name ready to go and now you can say his or her name when referring to them. I don't know how other fathers feel, but calling your baby 'It' or by their gender feels a little odd. Almost as if your baby isn't a person but a thing growing in your wife or girlfriends baby bunker.
   If you are struggling to think of names I'd recommend this site here . It offers a ton of names that you can sort through and apply certain filters to help sift through the endless list of names. You can even find names by country of origin. It also shows the top used names by gender and year so that way you can decide to go with something else if you don't want a trending name.

  Bottom line is to have fun coming up with names. It's a great way to make what otherwise feels like naming a pet more of a personal experience. Get a lot of feedback from your partner and come to a mutual agreement. If you are lucky you might even work out a deal where you get to name your first born son whatever you want and she can name the first girl whatever she wants. I still want to name our first son 'Spartacus Ramonious Echevarria'.  It's an awesome name and when he's in school he can reply to someone calling him by screaming 'I'm Spartacus!' Being my son he would probably get all his friends to stand and say 'No, I am Spartacus!'. Hey I can dream right?



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