Sick Call

Sorry I'm reposting...I accidentally deleted the post.
  This year, flu and cold season has been something else. Every few days someone I know is down for the count. Well, these past two days or so has become my time to get sick. It was a little weird how I could tell that I was about to get sick. I don't get sick very often. At best I have a cold maybe one time per year. Being sick around a pregnant wife is probably the equivalent to an Ebola patient walking through the birthing center of a major metropolitan hospital. Fear and pandemonium is rampant throughout the house. I have literally been confined to the living room recliner. It is where I eat, sleep, write blog posts, and if we didn't have two bathrooms I'd probably end up having a trucker bomb sitting next to me.

            Rocky has taken over my side of the bed and I feel him smirk at me when it's time to go to bed. He probably thinks I'm in trouble and I'm being punished just like he would if he pissed on the bed or decided that the arm rest on the sofa was his new chew toy. The last couple nights I watched him follow Mandi to the bedroom, trotting down the hallway with his doggy swag. I swear right before the door closed he winked at me. Meanwhile, I struggle to get comfortable, adjusting the two blankets I was issued.
             Last night I didn't fall asleep until 2am, partially because I was watching TV, but mainly because I just could not get the blankets aligned just right. When I would try to cover up my legs, my whole upper body was exposed. When I brought the blankets up, my legs were uncovered. Granted during the winter it is unusually cold in the living room, despite having the heat on. It was a never ending dance with the two blankets. Finally, I figured out that I would have to sleep curled up in a ball and toss the blankets over me. That did the trick. Now, I was finally warm. 
              A few hours went by and I hear tapping on the floor. I instantly knew who it was. Rocky and his happy self came prancing out of the bedroom. I looked at my phone and it was already 7am. "UGH!! Go to bed Dog!" He walked his big head over to the arm rest on the recliner and plopped it down and started sniffing and licking at my face. Great, he wants me to do something for him....probably feed him and take him out. With his cold, wet nose pressing up against my cheek, he started whimpering. It was time for me to get up. I get out from under the blankets and started to walk over to his food bowl. I got him some food and water and turned around, expecting him to be there wagging his tail in excitement.....NOPE! That jerk went back to the room and was cuddled up next to Mandi. JERK FACE! 
          I suppose this is but a taste of what is to come once my little sugarplum is here. Long nights, little sleep and unknown needs. I just hope she is a little more considerate than this dern dog.


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