Oh the things kids do.

 Recently, I posted my first blog post to my Facebook page and asked a few of my friends, both military and civilian to post some funny stories. It was apparent to me while reading these hilarious accounts that you can never be totally prepared for the things kids do or say. Here are some of their stories. If you have some funny stories to share please feel free to contact me. If you want to have your story published on Daddy Combat blog please let me know. Enjoy these stories and I hope they make you laugh.

"While my oldest son was in his car seat sitting in the front seat of my vehicle he was about 3yrs old drinking from his sipper cup, well while rocking out to "Welcome to the Jungle" and his passenger window was open half way he decided that he would rock out by throwing his sipper cup out the window. Note; vehicle was doing about 60mph. on the 405 at the time in California.
Second oldest son who was about 2 1/2yrs. old decided that the way to wake up dad who was asleep was to walk in the bedroom with bottle in hand then take his bottle and hit me in the head then run down the hall. I then say you could call that "A Hit & Run"....." -Daddy General B. Ellis
"While on leave from Panama, I was visiting my 7 month old daughter. One day into my stay, her mother put her on the bed naked while I was just getting up. My daughter crawled up to my face and slapped my face while giggling. Then she farted quickly and sharply, then giggled even louder. She crawled away, then I rose to find that she had pooh'd all over my right side. She warned me, then smoked me out of the bed!" 
-Daddy General M.Comiskey 



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