Oh no! I totally forgot about...

Becoming a new dad is an experience that I'm sure will scar me for life. In the first few months, it's super exciting to think about all the new things that are happening. Then, reality sets in. All of the things you used to make fun of other dads about are about to become true for you as well. The lack of sleep, PEDs (Partially exploded Diapers), baby vomit, and of course no freedom. Oh and don't forget all the fun you will get to have militarily.

Updating DEERS :
     No matter how prepared you come, the personnel office will some how mess up everything. They will probably lose your paperwork, forget to tell you that you need certain forms, and most definitely leave you waiting for 45 minutes or longer just to tell you to come back after lunch. Of course, like a good troop, you'll come back after lunch. HA! Jokes on you...the personnel shop always has 'Training' from 1300-1530. Now, you just wasted your whole day and the only thing you got to accomplish was...well, waking up that morning.

 **Tip: be prepared to take some time during Paternity leave to accomplish the DEERS updates and all other medical stuff it will be worth it and you won't be stressed out because you are in a hurry to get back to work before your supervisor comes looking for you**

All Military family events:
     Remember what I was saying earlier about making fun of the other dads in your unit? How those dads would chase their toddler around as the little hellion ran across the room screaming like a banshee. Well, guess what. That will be you now and all your single buddies with no kids will now be laughing at you. Like me, you probably dread family day already and the AWESOME (sarcasm) family Christmas parties that the unit throws. Well, you better light up when those events come along, cause guess what, your little troop is going to insist that the family attends ALL the events. Take this opportunity to encourage your wife or girlfriend to make nice with the other Military spouses. You never know if you'll get a babysitter out of it.

  **Tip: Although I was kinda sorta joking about how terrible mandatory fun is, kids enjoy the crap out of it. I plan to take my little Airman to all the events she can handle. Military Kids have different challenges than regular civilian kids, so any military kids they can become friends with, that can be there for them is worth the cheesy events**

The Call:
   It will happen at some point. The call from the wife about what little Jimmy did at school today. I'm not talking about the Honor Roll bud. Ok, granted this probably won't happen for at least 5 or 6 years but you should start practicing your WAR face. Some of the things your kid will do is going to make you laugh. It's usually when no one else is laughing or thinks its funny. So, like a good dad you'll have to pretend that it's not funny and really express... hehe...how upset....(cough cough)...you really are.. BWHAHAHAHA! Oh man, that's gonna be a tough one for me to master.

  We wouldn't do ourselves justice as dads if we didn't chuckle at some of the dumb things our kids do and say. I think I would laugh because I wouldn't know how to respond initially. I'll start working on it now. haha.


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