How To Survive The Baby Shower

The Baby Shower, it's a right of passage for all new moms. Hours of ridiculous games, finger food, tips and of course gifts from all who attend ( Hopefully). What about us guys? It seems like these parties are geared more towards women and we are left on the sidelines trying not to get in the way of all the fun.  What can we as men do in order to survive?

              Fellas, we can celebrate in our own way. A night of doing whatever we want is awaiting. No women to tell us to use a coaster or turn the TV volume down. We can burp talk without persecution! Gather up some of your close buds and plan some fun. Order a UFC fight on Pay Per View, get some greasy food delivered with some cold beverages of your choice and enjoy your one night to let loose. 
The amount of fun you can have is limitless!

So, what if you can't get time to yourself to hang with the guys? What if you and your buds get pinged to attend the baby shower? Have no fear. You can still have fun.

If your buds have to show up because your wife/girlfriend invited their wife/girlfriend you can still do something to make the experience even better. Here is what I suggest. We all know that throughout the course of the party there will be some awe's or any of the other keywords that women say during baby showers. Make a game out of it. Every time you hear the keyword you take a sip of whatever it is you're drinking (if you catch my drift).

Baby shower gifts tend to have nothing to do with Dads. The gifts are aimed toward items for the Mom and baby. I can't deny the need for moms and babies to get some of the things they might need to help make the first few months easier. Why is it that no one thinks about Dads needs. We have less know how when it comes to having a kid than women. We need all the help we can get. I mentioned in my blog post about the diaper bag which you can read here Ruck Sack. How cool would it be to get a bag with essential goodies! I recently saw a baby bag at that included some beef jerky, a mustachifier, a baby owners manual along with some other cool items. Ladies if you are reading this I'd highly suggest you get one for your man.

In all seriousness, surviving the baby shower isn't a hard thing. Being in the military has prepared us for the mandatory fun which in this case is called the baby shower. If we can tolerate standing in formation for two hours we can get through this. We have our baby shower coming up soon so i'm sure i'll have some more tips on how I survived it. Stay tuned!

DaddyCombat recommends you drink responsibly and always have a designated driver. Mustachifier photo is property of FCTRY.Com


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