DADDY COMBAT BLOG MEMORANDUM


 United States of America



DCB                                                                                                   08 Feb 15



MEMORANDUM FROM: Daddy Combat Blog, United States Daddy Combat Command


FOR: All Military Dads


SUBJECT:  The Purpose and Vision of the Daddy Combat Blog 


1.    Welcome to Daddy Combat Blog. Daddy Combat is all about the rigors of being a military dad. It's a battlefield, a crucible of glorious fatherly combat. Constantly tweaking a plan of attack for the variables that come up with being a dad. Dads are warriors...PERIOD! So, before we get too far into the weeds I wanted to introduce myself. I am a soon to be military dad and we are expecting our very first kid in a few short months. I can't express how excited I am to start this new journey in becoming a dad. I'm new to this whole world of fatherhood so I figured it would be fun to write out my thoughts in a blog that may be of some entertainment to the veterans that have been doing this for a while. I consider all the dads that have a few years under their belt Daddy Combat Veterans and will refer to these men of honor with the title of DG (Daddy Generals). You all have the knowledge to lead young dads and offer tips that could keep new dads like me from tripping over UEDs (Un-Exploded Diapers).


2.    Throughout the life of this blog I hope to gather tips, tricks, and funny stories from my experiences as well as from DGs out there. I am excited to get this project started. Stay tuned for more and in the meantime if you know any DGs or newbie military dads ( I'll call them Daddy 1st Class) that would enjoy this blog please share it. If you want to add anything to the blog just let me know in the comment section and we can work something out to get your story on here. 


3.    POC for this Memorandum is Daddy First Class Echevarria




D1C Echevarria

Daddy Combat Blog











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