5 Awesome Apps for Dads to be

We live in a world of apps. There is literally an app for just about anything these days. Here are a few apps I currently use.

1. Google Keep:

             My wife and I have been using this app for a few months now. It is basically a shopping list or reminder for those of us constantly on the go. I found this app by accident while looking for a 'sticky note' type app to put down work reminders on my phone. If you are like me you forget things easily. My wife may ask me to pick up something on the way home but I'll totally forget what I needed to pick up without having to text her or call. Sometimes, I'll even get all the items on the list just to come home and find out that she forgot to include something. The cool thing about the app is the share function. You can share shopping lists, reminders, and notes to anyone with that app loaded on their phone.

2. The Bump

               There are probably 100+ apps out there that helps you track what's going on inside the baby bunker. This one I found to be the most helpful. It's aimed more for women but I use it all the time. It helps me to visualize what my little troop is doing. All you do is register and put in when the doctors conception date estimate was and it tracks all the happenings over the pregnancy term. It will show a quick synopsis of things like the baby's size, the development stag
es and even includes a weekly video. The really helpful thing is it has a reminder calendar that gives you suggestions of what you should be doing for each week. One week may be creating a registry while other might be reminders to set up a college saving fund or whatever. It's pretty dang awesome and I tend to check it out every few days.

The Bump


3. Sim City

       Ok, I know this one has nothing to do with pregnancy but I thought I'd put it on here anyway. Over the course of the pregnancy you WILL be expected to attend some of the doctor appointments. Some appointments last longer than others but regardless of how long it is you will more than likely have to sit in a waiting room. This helps pass the time a little easier.


4. BabyList

Baby registry is probably the worst thing in the world for men. We get snagged to go walk around 10 different stores with a scanner taggin up items that your woman wants for the baby and the house. By the end you are tired, grumpy, and probably a bit famished. Well, this app will save you time and energy. BabyList is the one stop shop of baby registries. You sign up, add stuff from ANY online store like Target, Walmart, Game stop (hey you need things too right?), Amazon, etc and create a virtual registry all from the comfort of the sofa. No need to drive anywhere or walk through stores. Once you have everything you want just share the link to your friends and wait for the goods.

5. Baby Monitor 3G

      Thinking about paying $150 on a baby monitor? Well, don't. This little app will save you big money. If you are like me, you probably have an old smart phone that is collecting dust in a drawer. We have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that we no longer use so this app is perfect. Basically, the spare phone acts like a baby monitor. It connects through Wifi or 3g and allows you to have two way comms with the baby as well as periodic pictures. This is the only app on my list that costs any money but at $3.79 it's a bargain. The company is developing a secure video feed capability in the near future which will be a free upgrade to your purchase. We haven't used it yet but we will be giving it a try.

**I am not affiliated with or paid by any of these app developers.**



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