Stuff I learned: Wisdom from my mother.

So, throughout these last few posts, I told you things that I learned from my sister and father. Maybe they were things that your dad or sibling have taught you as well. We all have lessons that we have learned the hard way as well and in this post I will let you know some things that my mother had always told me but of course being young and stupid I had to learn the hard way. So I hope that you enjoy this post and feel free to comment below with your thoughts or maybe something your mom taught you!

Me fresh out of tech school surprising mom on her bday.

  • Chivalry is not completely dead.

    • So, since I am my moms only son and the youngest she always tried to mold me into a man of all trades. She taught me how to cook because in her words " I don't want my son to starve once your out of the house." Way to plan ahead mom! I still like cooking to this day even though I do not do it as much anymore. She used to tell me that I should always open doors for women, give them compliments as much as possible and treat them with respect. I guess she was still thinking I was going to be a modern day don Juan or something. But, I guess some of it rubbed off haha. 

  • Its ok to be a dork.

  • Mom when she was 16
    • Well, what more can I say? My mom has to be one of the biggest dorks I know. When she was younger she used to always be the one people wanted to be around. she was "The Cool Kid". But as she got older I think she got in touch with her dorky side. She would come up with silly names for me and my sister which I will not reveal and she loves toilet humor. Now I could get in trouble for telling on her so please do not tell her I said this. If she ends up reading it then oh well lol. She used to play this game called tent...well she was the one to initiate the game. What she would do was she would sit next to me with a blanket on her lap then with out notice she would fart and throw the blanket over my head. I swear having her around was like having a big brother , sister and mother all built into one person. 

  • What a Good Husband and Wife should be. 

    • So my parents have been together for 30 years and they have been through hell and back together. From her example I learned about the type of woman I wanted to be with. They say that boys marry someone like their mom and girls marry someone like their dad. I would have to say that that is pretty accurate. My mom loves my dad no matter what, she may have had moments where she didn't agree with some of the things he decided but she stood by him no matter what. I know its nasty to think about your parents and all that mushy I love you stuff but I never ever doubted the love they have for each other. I hope that my marriage will have just as much love in it as theirs.

  • Be Proud of who you are

    • As many people know my first name is Ariel. I used to and still get teased to this day about my first name and how I was named after the little mermaid or the Spirit from Shakespeare's " the tempest" I hated my first name because I got teased so much. It wasn't until she told me what my name meant that I started to like it. She got my name from the bible and it means "Lion of God". I was like whoa that sounds cool. She said that she knew the name fit me even when I was little all the way up til  now. She said that I am gentle but ferocious as a lion when provoked or when protecting someone dear to me. So because of that I have been pretty happy with who I am. 

mom and dad
I have so many other things I could write about her but that would take forever to write so I hope that through  my actions you all will be able to see what type of mother she is. 


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