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Stuff I learned: Wisdom from my mother.

So, throughout these last few posts, I told you things that I learned from my sister and father. Maybe they were things that your dad or sibling have taught you as well. We all have lessons that we have learned the hard way as well and in this post I will let you know some things that my mother had always told me but of course being young and stupid I had to learn the hard way. So I hope that you enjoy this post and feel free to comment below with your thoughts or maybe something your mom taught you!

Chivalry is not completely dead.
So, since I am my moms only son and the youngest she always tried to mold me into a man of all trades. She taught me how to cook because in her words " I don't want my son to starve once your out of the house." Way to plan ahead mom! I still like cooking to this day even though I do not do it as much anymore. She used to tell me that I should always open doors for women, give them compliments as much as possible and treat them with respect. I g…

Stuff I learned: Wisdom from my Father

Welcome back to another edition of "Stuff I learned". Growing up I was fortunate enough to have both parents around to raise me and my siblings. These days it is almost common for children to grow up in single parent homes most are loved and raised by their father or mother with the help of family and grow up happy. Others are not quite as lucky but that is not what this post is about. This post is about a few things that my father passed down to me and what i have learned from him.

Its Ok To Cry

I think this is one of the most important lessons that my dad taught me. I had never seen him cry before until his brother passed away. I had always thought that men don't cry because they have to be strong for the family. He was physically strong and was in the military so I saw him as being a GI Joe but my dad as well and that nothing could hurt him. In many ways by seeing him cry that day it let me know that it was ok to cry when the occasion called for it. Its healthy to let y…