5 Ways To Make Bedtime Easy

Bedtime is the most difficult part of the day for most parents. There will always be differences of opinion when it comes to how to get kids to go to bed without a fuss. Let's be real: a vast majority of parents cave to every demand during bedtime. You know how it is. ' I want some water!', 'I gotta go potty!'Etc. How do you win the bedtime battle? Here are my 5 tips that have helped me win..... most nights.

Set A Routine:

      Kids between the ages of one and four have no real comprehension of time. Use that to your advantage. We set 8pm as bedtime. This means in bed at 8pm. The hour or so leading up to bedtime is part of the routine. Once you set the time, start doing the same things every night leading up to 8pm. This includes weekends. The bottom line is to do the same set of actions every night before bed. This will get the child in the mindset that it's time to go to bed. Keeping the routine isn't always going to happen. If we go out of town we tr…

I don't have the time.

I have a horrible time keeping up with this blog. I can blame not having time but we all know that isn't true. We all have busy schedules, maybe this video will help you. I know it made me look closer at how much time I waste doing nothing. You should be using your time to better yourself, your family and your financial well being. Believe me, you have the time.

Buttwash, Diaper rash and explosive poo.

If you ever want to know what being a dad entails, just read the title again. As I'm writing this, my daughter is sitting in her Jumper-roo , watching some creepy mice on the Baby First Channel and making a nice poop for me to clean. I can hear her pushing and occasional farts. uh oh she's hollering at the TV I think or it could be a large nugget that she's pushing out.

   Sounds awesome right? My nights aren't full of playing video games anymore. In fact, I'm glad it isn't. Despite all the annoying things that come with being a parent I can honestly say that I can't wait to get home from work and take care of her. She's the only person that truly gets me. I just look at her and she giggles. It makes the long sleepless nights and constant screaming worth it.

Military Family Month

November is a month associated with two main holidays. Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Both are traditionally celebrated by most Americans. What most people don't know is that November is also Military Family Month. Military families may not know the resources out there to help with raising a family. and have numerous programs out there. I would encourage you to check those out. I have personally used some of the income tax programs that Military One Source offers every year. It saves a lot of money each year instead of paying a few hundred of your hard earned dollars to have someone else do them for you.

     I am so thankful this year for all the blessings that I have in my life. First and foremost I am thankful for our little miracle. My daughter is a gift that my wife and I had been waiting on for a long time. We didn't think we were going to have kids. In fact, we were told that the odds of us having kids were small. Thank …

Being The Cool Dad

Most men that are about to become fathers see themselves as possibly being the 'cool' dad. You know what I'm saying? I've only been a dad for about five months now so I think I'm still in the stage of trying to figure out if I should permanently give up on ever playing another video game. I mean I barely have the time to do a blog post let alone spend hours on end playing a game. I want to stay relevant in my old world (pre-baby) but I'm feeling myself get drawn into dad world.

Blogging On a Plane

This is probably the most uncomfortable position to be in on a flight. I normally can't sleep on a plane because of the engine noise, limited space, and generally an over all feeling that someone is going to throw in-flight snacks into my open mouth. The narrow armrests dig into your elbows if you're lucky enough to use them. If you are in the middle seat you can for get about it. Constantly playing shuffle elbow with the passenger to your left and right, each one trying to vie for a slice of armrest real estate. I actually feel like a T-Rex trying to type right now. My hands and wrists are bent in a way that causes me to keyboard peck.

   That is the sacrifice you have to make when you want to put out a blog post while you are mid flight from a work trip. I've never understood why Airlines have become the epitome of stingy. For example, on my last trip to Florida, the airline started their normal beverage services. When they got to me I requested a coca cola. The f…

Baby Versus The World

Baby made her first long distance trip back in August. I was supposed to be out of town for work and while I was gone, the wife went back to the east coast for a family emergency. We didn't plan for it to work out that way but it happened. The dog went to his normal boarding home for three weeks and we all went our separate ways. It was tough.

   My wife and baby left before I did so I had to see them off. I don't know how many tears I had to choke back while kissing them both and saying goodbye. I'm not exactly an emotional guy, but for some reason it was so hard to watch them leave. Right there, in the Airport terminal my whole world was waddling up the stairs, baby strapped to the front, baby bag in tow.
   The whole afternoon was filled with periodic text messages from my wife about how the baby was handling large crowds, airplanes, changes in air pressure, etc. It was kind of cool to think that my baby was only three months old and already making big trips in t…